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Course Requirements



Coach Education is managed by Cricket South Africa’s Manager of Coaching, Anton Ferreira based at offices at the Centre of Excellence, Pretoria University; all activity is coordinated in conjunction with the Provincial Coaching Managers at their respective Unions & Associations. The overall aims are to:

    1. Constantly update the system by tapping into local and global coaching developments;
    2. Strictly monitor the criteria for all courses and to maintain uniform standards of control;
    3. Broaden the base of the South African cricket community and to bring in new coaches;
    4. Supply enlightened, well-informed and quality coaches to the SA cricket structures.



CSA supports and is a partner in the “SA Coaching Framework” which was launched in 2010 through SASCOC and its affiliates. Their vision is to “create an effective, inclusive and cohesive coaching system that promotes transformation in an active and winning nation.” The implementation of this Framework over the next few years will place coaching and particularly Coach Education at the centre of a robust system designed to advance the ambitions of all recognised sports coaches across SA.

CSA has identified certain key focus areas and is pleased to offer the following course structure:



This enables coaches and teachers to bring KFC Mini-Cricket to children under the age of 10. The course covers the necessary skills required for this modified version of the sport which has been an integral part of the cricket development pathway in South Africa for over 25 years. Mini-Cricket forms a critical learning platform for the physical literacy which is needed to acquire a full range of skills. Candidates need not have any prior expertise or knowledge of cricket or coaching.  

Course duration:  < 10 hours
Evaluation:         Theoretical:  1 hour       Practical: 10 minutes per candidate.
Successful candidates will receive a KFC Mini-Cricket Coaching certificate within 2 to 4 months.



The objective of this course is to introduce potential coaches to the hard-ball version of cricket. Many coaches / teachers that enroll for Level One are short of understanding on basic cricket knowledge. This considerably restricts their development to coach to any reasonable level. Thus the key areas of focus in the Orientation Course are the Laws and terminology: this prepares a candidate for enrollment in a Level One course as appropriate. A candidate must be at least 16 years of age to attend.

Course duration:  Six hours (2 / 3modules); No evaluation or exam is involved.
Candidates will receive a certificate of attendance.


LEVEL ONE COURSE (Junior Skills Coach)

The Level One Course is designed to enable successful candidates to coach cricket skills and to organize effective practice & training sessions for cricketers at junior level. They need a good understanding of cricket or should have previously attended the Orientation Course; this course will include an introduction to the principles of Long Term Participant Development (or LTPD)
On entry candidates write a pre-course test during module 1 of Level One.
Candidates must be at least 18 years of age and must have access to a PC.

Course duration: <18 hours (normally SIX x 3 hour modules) + self study of the CD resource
Evaluation: 1 hour theory paper.    Practical: 20 minute personal evaluation.  
Successful candidates will receive their accreditation within 3 to 8 months.


LEVEL TWO COURSE (Intermediate Skills Coach)            

A Level Two candidate needs to be a holder of a Level One certificate for a minimum of 12 months or be a previously accredited Level Two coach (under the old UCB structure)
NB: The Level Two Course serves as a possible entry level for those with some credible 1st Class playing experience. It is no longer possible for Premier / First League players to go straight into Level Two; there is NO exemption for league cricketers, but ONLY to those with 1st Class status.

A holder of this certificate should be able to coach any school or junior club side with confidence.  The course covers most aspects of modern coaching with the important teaching methods and coaching styles being discussed; also practice organization and session preparation is handled in depth. Further planning using the principles of LTPD / LTAD are dealt with in more depth at Level Two, providing coaches with most of the appropriate coaching tools.
All candidates must be at least 21 years of age and must have access to a PC.

Course duration: 25 hours (normally EIGHT x 3 hour modules) + self study of the resources.
Evaluations: (Pre-course assignment); post-course written exam (2 hours)
Practical hours: up to 40 hours of regulated coaching is required to be carried out by the candidate in order to complete the practical evaluation period; this should be done within 6 months.
Successful candidates will receive their accreditation within 12 months.

LEVEL THREE COURSE (Advanced Skills Coach)

Usually only one Level Three Course is held each year for advanced, professional coaches within the South African cricket system. Suitably qualified and experienced Level Two Coaches are nominated by their respective Unions or Associations; Cricket South Africa’s Coaching Department reserves the right to invite or select individuals at any given opportunity.

Candidates will get the opportunity to substantially extend their knowledge on the most current trends in the skill based parts of the game, enabling them to advance their own skills and become competent coaches at Senior Club, Provincial Youth and / or Academy levels.
The course covers skill and tactical aspects of all the areas of cricket, as well as selected aspects of the Sports Sciences.  Emphasis is also placed on advanced skill assessment, empowering the coach to improve technique analysis, error detection and intervention strategies.
Candidates must be over 25 years of age and should be competent in computer skills.

Course duration:  30 / 32 hours incorporating a FIVE day residential course at HPC, Pretoria Univ.
Evaluation: In addition to pre & post-course assignments, candidates must complete the following: Two hour written examination; an extensive practical assessment including video analysis; presentation of an appropriate squad training program; in-course appraisals.
Successful candidates will receive a Level Three Coaching certificate within 12 to 18 months.

LEVEL FOUR COURSE (National / International)

This is the highest coaching qualification currently available in Southern Africa. Attendance is strictly by invitation from the National Coaching Manager and / or the coaching hierarchy of CSA.





Please note that dates for Coach Education have not yet been finalised for this quarter;

It’s anticipated that at least one CSA Level 1 course will be held before the end of March;

Anyone wishing to apply for Level 1 should complete the attached form & return as indicated;

Possible Level 2 applicants must submit their full details to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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